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My name is Annmarie and I am a 31-year-old mother of two beautiful kids. I live rural and do not drive due to being epileptic. So I spend a lot of time online, everyday I come across amazing bargains and I would like to share my findings here.

I originally set this blog up as a platform to advertise and promote my online store which was a complete and utter disappointment. It had little interest and I honestly did not realize how much time it would take up so I eventually threw in the towel. I had to admit defeat. But when writing about products i found it therapeutic and so started writing about things unrelated to my store. This blog is now in no way to promote anything other than the discounts and offers I find.

I also like writing about my mad little family so you will get to know me, Cody (my daughter), Dylan my son, and Lucky (the dog).

I love make up and fashion and even though my days of throwing on my high heels, some lippie and going out partying like the party animal I once was ( I know hard to believe right?) My passion for make up and all thing fashion and beauty related lives on so I put as much effort in to delivering good posts as my party animal younger self did when going for a weekender ( a lot of effort went into those hours and hours of preparing for the night/weekend ahead)

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as I do writing it.

Love Make Up Mad Anni xxxx



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