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The most amazing time for any creative is just around the corner, yes my honeys, (finger click) Halloween.  And where better to go for those much need extra extra special supplies than none other our fave beauty, makeup, and hair supply store *Drum Roll Please* Revolution Beauty.

Not only is it the most perfect store for all of your Halloween must have’s but…..there is currently a 50% site wide sale happening right now, and one other amazing little piece of info….We have the best picks for you right here so you don’t have to go scrolling scrolling scrolling to find the best items.  Yes girl lets keep those pretty thumb nails intact!! Let your aunty beauty and lifestyle blog take care of you…

Now, on to the good bit!!

From the basics to the must have's, all the best picks from the Revolution Beauty 50% sale!!!

Top Picks

Revolution Beauty Halloween sale

All the best finds from the amazing sale at Revolution Beauty.

Be sure to pick up all of your Halloween must have's while stocks last....

The Simpsons Makeup Revolution Mini Eyeshadow Palette £7

The perfect mini eyeshadow palette for all those ghoulishly evil looks you will be creating this Halloween!! Now only £7

I Heart Revolution Fruity Pebbles Eyeshadow Palette

With colours to make your jaw drop and your eyes pop, this palette is a must have for any witch in training, especially since it's currently on sale!!

Makeup Revolution Neon Heat Limitless Eyeshadow Palette

As the heading says, limitless is definately what you can expect to achieve with this palette. Now available in the sale for only £14!!

Halloween Essentials from the Sale!!

Revolution Beauty 50% Sale!

Now you have seen the top picks, here is your list of Halloween must have's.  Essentials for every creative!

Catwoman X Makeup Revolution False Lashes

We all know that no look, whether it's a Halloween look or a glam night out look, none are complete until you apply your lashes. Then, just like that, we go from blah to ta da in the flutter of lashes.

Full Cover Camouflage Concealer

Available in a wide variety of shades and only £3!! This is a staple of any makeup mad creative's makeup bag. Grab it now while it's still in the sale.

Makeup Revolution Viva Neon Eyeshadow Palette Party Vibes

This is such an amazing palette for an even more amazing price. The colours are perfect for this super creative time of year. Now in the sale for only £3. That's nine super pigmented, bright, long lasting shades for only £3. Come on people, how is that not something to shout about!!!

Those few bargain buys should now have wet your appetite for even more steals.  Revolution Beauty currenty have a whole host of deals and offers available via their website.  The sale is only a very small part of what they have to offer.  Go directly to their homepage and check out what exactly they have available right now.  Just click here to see the full list of promotional offers.

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