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Hello and welcome to my new business venture that is Colour Me lucky. Let me tell you a little bit about this idea and how it came about.

How it came to be.

Colour me lucky is a concept that I came up with when I was just starting to learn about the law of attraction and about inviting positive influences into your daily life and how it can alter the way you think, and alter your reality. I really like some of the methods I learned about, but thought that there was a lot of research needed, and a lot of learning needed in order to just give some of the techniques a try. Take meditation for example, it has many positive points which can benefit you greatly but it’s not like you can just learn to do it properly over night l, or its not like you will feel the benefit of it after only a few times. Another method I tried along with many more may I add was yoga. Don’t get me wrong I totally love yoga but it took me a while to get the hang of the poses and learning to balance while doing some of these poses also took some practice. I don’t want you to think that i am being a negative Nancy because I am not. I love meditating and yoga and affirmations but when you are trying to change your mind set from one of doom and gloom, especially where there has been some depression like I had some of these methods can seem a bit weird!

I also joined a few really inspiring Facebook groups where I learned a lot more methods and techniques on how to change your mindset to a happier one therefor impacting on your life also making your life more of a positive happy one. Another thing I also found within some of these groups was spiritual coaches. They just seemed to be everywhere, and everyone seemed to either have one or want one, and even though what they offer is amazing and the testimonials form clients are all amazing the price they were asking for their services were just way out of my price range. I ended up a bit overwhelmed by all of the information on what I should be doing and what I shouldn’t be doing in order to have a more authentic and happy lifestyle. At the beginning I enjoyed it because it was fun and fresh and everyone was really friendly and full of positive, inspiring quotes that really did motivate me, but that all started being sucked away, with some coaches bombarding me with messages to being told what I had been doing for the last 6 weeks was a waste of time.

So I thought back to when I just started learning about this new spiritual movement. I remembered picking out a book that took my fancy, and reading it page by page with every word motivating me more and more, to give this positive attitude, and outlook, mind set thing a try. I cant be the only person out there that feels this way. So I took to Facebook and posted about the way I felt, and sure as fate I wasn’t the only person who was feeling a little deflated by he hard sell and contradicting information.

So I read some books on things that interested me instead of purposely just searching for self help books, I looked for books which I was actually interested in and had a passion for. And then it hit me. A fun easy way to invite luck or positivity into your everyday life. I have a passion for makeup and have been a trainee makeup artist for around 10 years. I done my first bridal party at 18 and at 33 I still do not call myself a professional. There are no certificates required in order to become a professional makeup artist but I do not feel comfortable calling myself that, as opposed to some people in the industry today, that watch a few youtube videos and advertise services for pennies under cutting real talent and customers receive a so called pro MUA with no talent. Although I do not call myself a pro, I have been around the industry for a long time, and have picked up a lot of things along the way. I love learning more as makeup never stops evolving, so there is always more to educate yourself on. I love fashion and have taken a few style and fashion courses as well as interior design courses. I have also always loved horoscopes and learning about the traits of each star sign and researching just how accurate people’s horoscopes really are. There is a lot more to horoscopes than you may think, I also love learning about the Chinese signs which go by year. Anyone born this year 2018 would have been born in the year of the dog. In each of my passions colour theory is one thing that is consistent throughout each of them. I have a vast knowledge of colour theory and the use of colour within advertising.

So, putting together my passions, the knowledge I have on colour theory, and the search for a more bright, positive, luckier lifestyle. Colour me lucky was born. I had decided to create a website all about using your lucky colours in your everyday life via your makeup, fashion and interior design. I have started the website which is under construction but since I want colour me lucky to be community you can still have a look at the site.

Then came Colour Me Lucky Cosmetics

After I posted on Facebook about this concept I had a lot of interest in it. I sent people pdf’s with information on what their lucky colours were in regards to their star sign and what colours to wear in their eyeshadow which would most compliment their eye colour. I also had tips and tricks that I had picked up along the way, while assisting at high end makeup master classes included in the pdf as a bonus. Some ladies admitted that the tips and tricks was the main reason they asked for the pdf in the first place, which was awesome I totally did not mind, as long as they were getting some kind of useful information from it, I was very happy. What made me even happier were the emails I received from ladies, telling me about their experiences while using the information I provided. I got 2 emails from ladies that were doing first time public speaking events, who both wore their lucky colours via their makeup and totally smashed their events. Then there was a lady named Lisa, who went out on a date wearing her lucky colours also, and bagged herself her office crush, who is now her office boyfriend. She used to have a pair of lucky knickers which she has now ditched!! Weather it really is lucky colours at play here, or if the fact that these women felt empowered by knowing that they look good armed with professional makeup know how, paired with added luck or positivity. They felt confident, and that showed. So, I decided to incorporate this concept into an Eye shadow Palette. The palette consists of 6 eye shadow, 2 compliment colours, 2 lucky colours and 2 highlighters. I also wanted to solve some problems within makeup lines such as, the palette is extra thin so it’s easy to stick in your hand bag, the reason there is highlighters included is so that you have one go to palette instead if trying to fit multiple palette or products into your bag, the ingredients are completely natural, the packaging is recyclable and the formula and packaging information is shared with people in the colour me lucky Facebook group and twitter followers. I want Colour me lucky to be a community of like minded people.

It’s not just makeup!!

And let’s not forget, although the makeup side has lead to a makeup line, makeup is only one topic covered by colour me lucky. There is style information for your body type and height as well as those all important lucky colours and examples of how, where and when to wear them, and for the home there is a section on how to invite a flow of positive energy into your home through the use of lucky colours and feng shui.

I am so very passionate about this little venture of mine. I do not know where or even if this will go anywhere but I am going to put everything I have into it. There is no such thing as spiritual makeup but this comes close. Please join our community and become part of colour me lucky. Join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be kept up dated.

Let us know what you think here.....

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