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It may look pretty but beware

OMG I did not realize just how dangerous counterfeit make up was!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my wonderful people, this is just a quick post as I really just need to spread the word about some of the things I have read over the last 48 hours.  I am planning on pitching a guest blog post idea to someone and I thought I would do it on something with some WOW factor in it, so instead of a review or tutorial I decided to do a post on counterfeit make up and what to do if you mistakenly end up with a fake product.

From “what to do if you end up with a counterfeit item” to  “The dangers of counterfeit make up”

However the title of my post quickly changed to “The dangers of counterfeit make-up”, there was pages upon pages of in depth scientific research that has proven that some chemicals in some counterfeit make up has been linked to cancer, there are chemicals that also affect the hormones and can cause an imbalance.  Even some counterfeit lipsticks can have heavy metals in them, and what shocked me even more was that these heavy metals are also found in some hair dyes and these metal’s are actually toxic to the brain!!

Can’t I just keep an eye on the ingredients??   NO!!

It gets even worse….. When purchasing products there is always a list of ingredients which have been used listed usually on the back of your item, So if you know what lettering (as these long words are usually cut down to letters when a chemical is being listed as an ingredient) to look for to warn you of these terrible chemicals then you are pretty safe, then you are wrong.  Although that is the case with most products when it comes to perfume it is a completely different story, and here’s why, fragrance recipes are thought to be made in the strictest secrecy and so therefore the ingredients used to create the smell does not have to be listed and instead come marked solely as “fragrance” so if your counterfeit make up producing scam artist has snuck a cheaper version of what really should be in the formula he could easily hide it just by placing this wording within the list of ingredients.


I do not want to go in to to much details as I am keeping all of my big findings and tips on how to spot counterfeit make up, advice on what to do if you get landed with some, and there is so much more I want to share on this subject so you will just have to keep your eyes peeled for info on the guest blog post should I get accepted.

Fingers crossed, still got lots of work to do, so far the notes I have got have all been jotted down on paper and the amount of information I have on this article is unreal, to think there is so much info out there on this and yet I was still unaware of just how serious it all is.

When you look at the stats and numbers of just how many counterfeit products have been stopped reaching our bedrooms, and just how much MR Con-Man (not his real name, nor do I know a con man personally, lol) could have made you will be stunned.

Eyes peeled for info on this post which I will post on here if no one wants me to do a guest blog post for them….

Hey it happens, I will soldier on and still spread the news like a counterfeit make up fighting superhero!!!!

*quick update*

Since writing this post there has been a number of high profile make up moguls that have hit back about their products, or should I say, someone selling products as theirs,  Jeffree Star and Kylie Jenner to name but a few.  There is now thousands of articles out there on how to spot a fake and what to do if you buy a fake.  Ebay has articles dedicated to making sure you get an authentic/original item.

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  1. The stuff in counterfeits is scary, isn’t it? It’s almost literally blood, sweat and pee, pesticides, carcinogens… And there are lots of dodgy sellers – online and in real life. When a seller says they sell ‘factory seconds’, they sell fakes – and they don’t even seem too bothered to hide it. Never buy anything from those sellers and always report them (click to report if it’s online, and ring your local council if it’s a brick and mortar store).

    The best advice is to buy make-up, perfumes and other beauty products from geniune sellers only – drugstores, department stores, manufacturer’s web sites, other reputable web sites, even bargain stores… but avoid shops who sell ‘genuine’ Victoria’s Secret perfume mists for £2.50 at all costs.

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