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// there I have been looking at some blogs recently and I have noticed that some , (that were obviously small time at one point) do not do guest posts and also refuse to do product reviews for small companies.  When I ask some of these guys why they do not like to do this type of thing I never seem to get a straight answer.  Most of the time I get a response like “I just don’t like guest posts” or ” I don’t believe in jumping on the back of someone else’s success”.  I on the other hand do not see guest posts like this at all.  I bet that the bloggers that have made it big have all had a little help along the way or if they have not been on the receiving end of the help then I bet that they have given some help, I mean its not a coincidence that some of these guys are all besties right??

I am here to help should you need it!!!

Well I am just wanting to put it out there that I am willing to place guest posts on my blog, as long as it is within the categories which my blog covers, such as beauty, make-up, fashion, new products, bargain buys, or of a course a topic of your choice that falls somewhere within that area.

Will posting on here help??

I am not in anyway a big time blogger, I have only been doing this for over a year but I do not do this in the hope of gaining lots of followers, I just love writing, it’s like therapy for me.  Every post I publish, I also share on my other accounts, which all have a good amount of followers so you will gain exposure.  A word to the wise though……. If you are only wanting followers, and your content is lacking passion, then your readers will know.  They crave good content.  As long as you are creating posts that people enjoy reading, then you’ll be alright.

Use my blog as a platform!!

So, do you have a post that you think may be a good fit with this blog, or do you have some kind of collaboration idea, then just contact me on the details below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.


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