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Welcome to my newest blog post and today I am going to let you guys in on a little secret that I have discovered.

How do you use Jojoba Oil? And what do you use it for?

Eden’s Semilla, Jojoba Oil!!  Due to its very many uses, I have now added this to my night time skin care routine.  Although it is an oil I use it as a cleanser to remove any excess make – up last thing at night.  it does this extremely effectively.  I much prefer this way of removing any excess make – up as my skin is prone to drying out, which makes fine lines and wrinkles appear so much more worse than what they actually are.  I am 31 and although I do not look my age you can see the first signs of ageing starting to appear around my mouth and eyes.  Jojoba Oil leaves my skin feeling soft and supple where other cleansers or even micellar waters, leave my skin feeling tight after use.

I use the oil every night religiously.  I really do think that it is a break through in skin care. Its ingredients are 100% natural, and I have had a look in to the scientific side of things and what jojoba oil actually does is very simple and very clever. It tricks the skin to feel that it has got enough oil so it therefore does not produce anymore oil.  It does this because jojoba oil is very close to the skins natural oil. Jojoba oil can be very beneficial to acne prone and oily combination skin.  With some oils, when used on the face it can cause breakouts as the pores become clogged, the skin continues to produce the natural oils that the skin produces, clogging pores. You do not get this reaction with jojoba oil.

Other Uses.

Jojoba Oil is known for its very many beneficial uses.  Not only used on the face, but on the hair and body too.  I have actually listed the many ways that I personally use it, and also some on the list are popular ways to use it, I have heard of these popular ways via the blogger grape vine.  All of the ways listed have been tried and tested by other bloggers if not by myself.  Anyway, on to the list:
  • As a moisturiser – Now there is more than one way jojoba oil can be used as moisturiser, you can, apply 4 – 6 drops to your face and neck in the morning, or increase the amount to 6 – 8 drops at night as an overnight facial mask.  I also like to mix a drop in beside my usual moisturiser to ensure my skin is still getting all of those vitamins that jojoba oil has in it.
  • As a cleanser – Apply 4 or 5 drops to a cotton pad and sweep upwards to remove any excess make up.  Because jojoba oil is 100% natural you can use it to take off any mascara that has not come off while exfoliating.  Using this as a cleanser is extremely effective and I would recommend it to anyone, friend or foe. It really is that good!!
  • As a conditioner on hair – There are a few ways you can do this as well, you can either, mix a few drops with your normal conditioner for extra shiny soft hair, or you can spread it through the hair on its on, spread it from half way down your hair right to the ends, I did this and left it in over night and my hair was transformed from dry and damaged to soft and supple, I now use it as a over night hair mask once a week.
  • As a hair serum – After styling take one drop rub it between your palms and distribute it throughout the length of you hair, do not use to much.
  • As a Body lotion – Apply all over skin when you come out the shower or bath, Or add a couple of drops to your normal lotion.  Jojoba oil has ani-inflammatory properties so  it helps with all kinds of rashes and skin conditions.
  • As a shaving oil – As I have already mentioned jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties so it protects against shaving rash, shaving burn and skin redness.  And with it being an oil it acts as a perfect base for your razor to run smoothly along.
  • For hair regrowth – Jojoba oil has been proven to improve hair regrowth.  Hair thinning is caused by blocked follicles, just like our skin our hair produces a natural oil called sebum which can block hair follicles,  jojoba oil alleviates this build up therefor helping in the regrowth of hair.  Just rub onto the scalp, massage gently, this will also help dandruff.
Where to get it??
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