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Lucky Colors For Aquarius 2023

Hey, welcome to color me lucky where being positive is easy when using your lucky colors in your daily life.

Born between January 20 – February 18



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Your lucky colours and some other info you might want to know!!

Your lucky colors for 2023 are purple, light blue and white.  Each color represents something that is predicted to happen for you. 

There are going to be lots of positive happenings for you this year my dear Aquarius. Light blue represents stability and that’s something you will most definitely feel this year.  While this may sound comforting to most, to the rebellious Aquarian it may seem boring.  But this is where you must take the mature approach.  Stability does not equate to life being boring, much the opposite is predicted for you this year. Financially and romantically you will feel secure like never before.  You must learn to enjoy the feeling of being safe and secure as much as you love the excitement of impulsiveness and unpredictability.  Luckily the color also means acceptance,  as the year progresses you will grow spiritually, you will learn to accept things that you may once have found difficult.  Being the humanitarian of the zodiac you naturally feel compelled to stick up for those who are not heard.  There will be many opportunities to do so this year and your peers will adore you for it. 

The color purple represents creativity.  Around May you are destined to either begin a project which you feel very passionately about, or you will switch up the gears on a creative project you already take part in.  Whatever the assignment is one thing we know for sure is it is a creative process which will gain recognition.  Around October your, project, assignment or hobby will be noticed and will gain lots of exposure. Purple is also a color that is closely related to luxury and wealth.  With your new found fame via your success with your passion which has gained traction will come some financial gain.  As well as purple being the color of creativity it can also indicate a transformation.  And for you my lovely Aquarian friend, around March you will be compelled to try a new haircut, play around with different bold makeup looks and you will begin a new routine of some kind.  It will be a ritual of the beauty kind, so think of a new skincare, or beauty regime you like the sound of and try it out.  You will feel great for it not only on the outside but on the inside too.

White is the cleanest, purest color in the world.  It is symbolic of new beginnings, purity and is a color we all relate to goodness.  Although this color does relate to topics that are predicted for you for 2023, I think this color points to a lot of the traits an Aquarius has.  For example, and as aforementioned, you are ever the humanitarian.  Always standing up for what is right, believing strongly in justice and always seeking out ways to help and uplift people.  There will be a whirlwind of gossip around April regarding someone in your circle of friends.  As an air sign you love a little gossip but you must ensure you keep the trust of those around you.  Do not engage rather just listen, in the process you may just see who talks badly about you when you’re not around.  Keep the trustworthy color of white in mind when dealing with these tricky situations.  Give yourself more of a fighting chance not to engage by wearing something white to empower you.  If you have a meeting regarding your creative energy then I would opt for something purple.  Or if you are feeling over stimulated by all of the success coming your way then wear a little light blue and that will calm your energised mind.

So 2023 looks to be a pretty amazing, transformative year for you Aquarius.  Full of spiritual growth, reward and love.  You will grow into a person you’re loved ones look up to in times of need, you will be seen as a pillar of the community who believes in the good and who sees the good in people.  Enjoy the successes that are coming your way and reap the reward for it, after all my dear Aquarius, there is no other sign in the zodiac that deserves a little recognition more than you.

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