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Lucky Colors For Libra 2023

Hey, welcome to color me lucky where being positive is easy when using your lucky colours in your daily life.

Libra Dates

Born between September 23 – October 23

Zodiac Type


Ruling Planet


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Your lucky colours and some other info you might want to know!!

For you my lucky Libra your lucky colors for 2023 are white, jade green and pink.  Once you know the meaning of each color and combine it with your yearly prediction it’s pretty cool how everything is interconnected.

Jade green may seem a little specific but in a world of color you have to be.  Each shade has a different meaning.  In Chinese,  green jade is the origin of the word: “Money Flows”.  Which in this instance is pretty relevant as your year ahead is full of financial ups.  You are predicted to be abundantly wealthy this year.  Although your prediction is in reference to money it may not be only money. It may be something less materialistic.  This color also means new beginnings, this may be in reference to your love life.  Libra people will find a loved one this year.  For those already coupled up, they will hear wedding bells.  Regardless of your relationship status, something new will be happening within your love life this year.  And just so you know, these affairs of the heart all have a very positive vibe around them.

White is a sign of purity, innocence and good.  We relate fairness to the color white.  As a  Libra you are a natural peacemaker.  You believe in all that is right and have a strong belief in justice. This color has many meanings that Librans have as personal traits.  White is also often used to aid focus and organisation, and those are things that are deeply ingrained in a lovely Libra person.  Your sign is represented by scales, so you naturally look for balance and stability. Feelings that the color white can easily evoke.  While the color white represents you and your personality extremely well.  It can also be a reference to the stability that 2023 will bring.  Along with good fortune comes of course stability.  This is true in your house of love too, stability will be felt all year.

Pink is the color of romance, kindness and playfulness.  We all know that as soon as February 14th comes around every store will be entrenched in pink. pink balloons, pink teddies, pink cards you name it.  So, it will come as no shock to you when I tell you this color relates to your house of love.  It tells me that your life in 2023 will be full of love.  Not only of the romantic type.  You will be surrounded by warm, kind feelings from friends and family.  If you have any dates of the romantic type during 2023 I would definitely wear one of your lucky colors on that date. 

To summarise your year I would say that everything looks very positive.  Finances are a big factor this year with abundance on the cards.  Your relationships both platonic, romantic and family related all look like they are to get better and deeper connections will be made.  You will develop the tools to calmly and maturely deal with any disagreements that may arise. You Lucky lucky Libra. Here’s to 2023. 

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