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Lucky Colors For Pisces

Hey, welcome to color me lucky where being positive is easy when using your lucky colors in your daily life.

Born between February 18 – March 20



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Your lucky colours and some other info you might want to know!!

Your lucky colors for this year are yellow. aquamarine, and pink.  A very eclectic mix of colors, as bright and as colorful as you are my dear Pisces.  Each color meaning can be linked to predictions for your year ahead.  Read on to find out what will transpire this year for you.

Yellow is a color that has been scientifically proven to lift our mood from one of  desperate doom and gloom to joyful contentment.  It’s the color of happiness, optimism and creativity so it’s a great color to have on your side this year.  You will most definitely feel the growing optimism this year especially around the end of March.  Tiny Pluto will be making an unprecedented appearance in Aquarius which will cause a great shift for you on a life changing scale.  The Pluto into Aquarius transit is one of the most anticipated transits of the year.  It spells big things for you in almost every part of your life.  Coming back to the contentment that yellow is so frequently associated with,  this is the overall vibe you will get throughout this year.  That’s not to say that hurdles will not pop up along the way, but you have made such amazing progress and have grown both personally and spiritually that you will be skilled in dealing with such obstacles. You have become proficient at learning from tough times. Nowadays you put it all down as experience and that in itself is one hell of an achievement for the highly emotional air sign. Finances, love and family life are all looking positive for you throughout the year.  Could this be the year you have been waiting for??  Lets find out.

Aquamarine is such a perfecct color to have as a lucky color for you.  The word “Aquamarine” comes from the Latin aqua marinos, meaning sea water, and with you being the fish of the zodiacs there could be no better fit.  It does not stop there though my Piscean friend, it is also the color of your birthstone.  The meanings behind the color to name but a few are relaxation, serenity and fun.  I personally think that this color has more to do with the traits you have as a Pisces rather than the prediction for the year ahead. That being said there are still elements of the aquamarine meaning associated with what is to transpire for you this year.  Your ruling planet Neptune is the planet of magic, and psychic ability as is the aquamarine gemstone.  This is the reason for the intuition all Pisces people have.  This ability will come into play mid October where you will be torn between two opportunities.  While one may seem better than the other, it is advised you use your intuition to help guide you.  Trust your gut.  It wont let you down. 

The color pink of course is related to love.  Although this may be its most well known association it is by far not the only one.  This color, as with aquamarine has a correlation with fun, and creativity. The fun this color represents will be felt throughout June, July and August where you take some much needed me time.  You will focus less on work or studies, you will enjoy spending time with family.  If you are part of a couple this time spent at home will strengthen your relationship.  If you are single you will have more time to meet someone, and you will be focused on creating a real connection.  Your love prediction for the year ahead is extremely positive.  Pink can also represent the trait of being unrealistic, and because you are a dreamy Pisces who are known well for their negative attribute of escapism.  This horoscope comes with a warning. Pay close attention to what is reality. See what is really going on in front of you. No matter how difficult you may feel facing the truth is, it will be alot less hurtful in the long run. When you overlook the actions of someone because you have a tendency of being an idealist, and you are one of those signs who desperately seek out the best in people.  You see people for who you want them to be, rather than see them for who they really are. Eventually  you see their true colors usually when its to late.



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