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Lucky Colors and Predictions For The Year Ahead - Scorpio

Hey, welcome to color me lucky where being positive is easy when using your lucky colors in your daily life.

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Your lucky colours and some other info you might want to know!!

For you, my fiercely passionate Scorpio friend, your lucky colors are orange, yellow and red. Not only are the meanings of these colors closely related to your Scorpio traits but they also resonate when it comes to your 2023 prediction. Read on to find out how these colors correspond to what’s to transpire for you in the year ahead and how you can use them to up your game.

Yellow is an extremely positive color and is one of the colors that have some science-based backup. We won’t go into all the science but if you want to then go to where you will find all you need to know and then some extra. It’s said it can change our mood from one of impending doom to joyful contentment so you my lucky Scorpio have a very positive year ahead. I think this color represents the beginning of the year for you. You are ruled by Pluto who in Greek Mythology is the god of the underworld, and seeing as you are our spooky Halloween sign of the zodiac, yellow may seem completely opposite to what you are all about. At the beginning of 2023, you will be in quiet contentment mode. You will seek out comfort and will want to rest as much as possible but do not confuse this quiet time as boring. This feeling of needing to recharge your batteries is a sign that your year ahead is going to be full on. While pale yellow represents softness and comfort, bright yellow is energetic, vibrant and high-powered. Both shades are a pretty good example of how the year begins but then changes throughout for you. This color also signifies how your health will go this coming year as you will begin to make much better habits that will lead to you achieving your personal goals. As the year progresses and you stick to and create more positive habits you will gain strength and feel energized, motivated and invigorated, all closely represented by the color yellow.

Orange has many meanings but one that definitely resonates for you and in the coming year is its ability to encourage emotional strength during difficult times. Let’s face it, life is never a bed of roses and although you have a plethora of positive influences throughout the year there will still be the odd hurdle or two to overcome. But overcome you will and you will do it in style. You will experience a lot of personal growth as 2023 counts down the months which will equip you with the necessary tools to deal with any arguments or unpleasantness that may come your way. Life on the social ladder will be good this year. Your social circle will grow and people from all aspects of your life will be drawn to you. You will find career, as well as love opportunities through your newfound social circle of which you are the ringleader. You will form deeper emotional connections. You will begin to see that you may have wasted time on unfulfilling, shallow relationships and people. You will begin to get rid of any toxic people in your life giving you a newfound feeling of fulfilment. Orange represents the changing seasons so it’s a transformative color. And this is a very transformative year for you Scorpio.

The color red is 100 percent a symbol of your determination, passion and intensity. All very strong traits of Scorpio. Scorpios also have a trait which does not serve them all that well. So during your year of growth, I think this is one to work on. Red is also a representation of love, and you will most definitely find romance among the strong, emotional connections you are set to make this year. However, while you seek out complete transparency from a partner you seem to play your cards pretty close to your chest if they were any closer they’d become a part of your being! Make this a priority to try and overcome. You will have to meet your partner halfway and give to them what they give to you. Your mysterious side is only sexy to a certain degree then it just becomes problematic. Overcome this hurdle and you reap rewards for it in the shape of companionship that makes you feel truly heard and loved.

To summarise your lucky colors for 2023, if you are going on a date then I would wear something red, whether it’s a red T-shirt or something as small as a red watch, as long as you have a little piece of the color of love with you it will help. Going to the gym but feeling a little low on energy?? Then pop on a yellow shirt or take a yellow water bottle with you. The color yellow along with some workout tunes will have you ready to go. And for those times when you are feeling down and in need of some gentle emotional reassurance then opt for something orange. Change a room in your house with some added orange soft furnishings, buy a painting or get some wall art with the color orange in it. This will help encourage emotional strength.

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