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Lucky Colors For Virgo 2023

Hey, welcome to colour me lucky where being positive is easy when using your lucky colours in your daily life.

Born between August 23 – September 23 



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Your lucky colours and some other info you might want to know!!

Your lucky colors for 2023 are blue, green and yellow.  Once you take a quick skim over what your predictions for the year are you can quickly see each color meaning can be linked to an event that’s predicted within your astrological chart. Let me fill you in on what is to transpire for you my lovely Virgo friend and how your lucky colors can help you.

For you this year it’s out with the old and in with the new in almost every aspect of your life.  You are about to undergo a transformation which will make you a totally different person by 2024. The colors that are predicted to be lucky for you all have extremely positive meanings which makes this journey toward change very exciting and definitely something to look forward to.

Green is a very lucky color for Virgo.  It symbolises mother Earth and since you are an Earth sign this color will be the favourite color for a lot of Virgo people out there.  You will be drawn to it.  Green also means new beginnings, and renewal which again refers to the ever changing person you are becoming throughout 2023.  While this is a lucky color for you green can also be linked to envy, looking over your chart you will definitely come up against some troublesome issues during 2023. I think your personal growth will be noted by all, but favoured by only a minority.  Envy is the cause, others feeling envious of your progress.  Keep moving forward, there is literally not one thing you can do about how others feel about you or why you  doing well stirs up such feelings from close friends.

Blue is another color that’s not only lucky for you but has another link as sapphire is your birthstone. Wearing your birthstone would be a great way of introducing your lucky color into your everyday life. As for the meaning of the color blue, loyalty, determination, trust and intuition.  Intuition is 100 percent something you are going to need when it comes to your love life.  As for you an ex is within your prediction for 2023.  While all looks bright and positive for you and your past lover I would keep listening to what your intuition is telling you.  Whatever issues you and your ex partner had seem to come to a resolve. Your past partner will show commitment, and dedication to your new relationship, they will be loyal and loving.  The relationship looks to go from strength to strength.  Blue is definitely linked to your love prediction for 2023.

Yellow is one of the most positive colors out there. It has been scientifically proven to lift our mood. So, to have this a lucky color can only mean this year will come with a sprinkle of luck and positivity.  Any bumps in the road you may experience especially in your career or work life will be easily solved.  Resolution will be found whenever there is an argument or disagreement.  You will become the voice of reason. Friends and family will see you as an uplifting person to be around and will seek out your advice as the year progresses.  I think this is the link to the color yellow.  Any future appointments, or important dates I would wear something yellow.  All in all 2023 looks to be a very fruitful and important year for you Virgo people.  It’s an important year for self growth, you will learn a lot about yourself.  The journey to becoming a much better version of yourself will take you on emotional rollercoasters and will unveil things about you you will be very surprised to learn. Here’s to 2023.

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