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Lucky Colours For Aries

Hey, welcome to colour me lucky where being positive is easy when using your lucky colours in your daily life. I know that this new age thought, the law of attraction and everything related to it, is pretty much at an all time high right now.  Even if you have no interest in the law of attraction I know that you are bound to have heard about the real benefits of how thinking positively can have a real impact on your everyday life.  Then there are all the other avenues to explore, such as, affirmations, yoga, meditation and lots more, you can really end up getting carried away with it all.  I have created colour me lucky which is a fun way of raising your positivity and luck through wearing your lucky colours as deciphered by your zodiac sign, and using them in our everyday lives via makeup, fashion and interior design.  Below you can find what your lucky colours are if your are an Aries.

Your lucky colours and some other info you might want to know!!

Here is a list of the colour’s that are sure to bring you luck and positivity this year. And, to be honest it comes as no surprise that these colours represent you this year, your lucky colours are white, yellow and red, when you take a minute to think about what each of these colours mean and what your horoscope predictions are for this year its amazing. This year for you Aries folk its all about becoming the best version of you possible, you are seeking new projects and with these new found hobbies, interests or projects comes great success of some kind, it could be a relationship of some kind or it could be career wise. What is very clear is that this year you are beginning something new that you have never tried before, you are going to fall in love with it and you are to have great success with it. Colour red stands for power, determination, passion, the colour yellow is a very stimulating colour which evokes feelings of happiness it also heightens mental activity and white is considered to be the colour of perfection and can represent a successful beginning. 
How unbelievable is that!! Each of your lucky colours has a meaning or can be linked to what is predicted to transpire for you in 2018.
I have created an entire PDF document on this concept which you download from the Colour Me Lucky Facebook page Click Here to check it out.  You can find loads of information on how you can wear your lucky colours via your makeup, not only that but there are amazing tips and tricks all tried and tested by established professionals within the makeup industry, I had the pleasure of assisting at a high profile makeup masterclass, and have included all I learned (not only at the masterclass but along my MUA journey) in the PDF.
Love, Live, Slay!!

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