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Lucky Colors For Gemini 2023

Hey, welcome to colour me lucky where being positive is easy when using your lucky colours in your daily life.

Born between May 21 – June 21



Art work by Fernanda Fernandez link to her work here

Your lucky colours and some other info you might want to know!!

Your lucky colors are pink, green and yellow.  Every color meaning has a significance when we take a look at the things that are going to happen for you this year.

Green represents growth and your entire year is all about growth especially self growth.  There is a strong presence of abundance in early January too which could mean a raise or it could be something less material like you being abundantly happy within yourself.

Pink evokes feelings of love and for you my very lucky Gemini, in April your love boat pulls into harbour. If you are single you will find more than just one person has been admiring you from afar.  And with your partnerships not due to deepen until October have some fun in the meantime.  Enjoy being wooed.   If you are part of a couple then you will be relighting a spark that may have faded overtime.  You and your partner are going to rekindle that magic you felt when you first met and your connection will deepen because of it. This is of course important if you are in a long term relationship but also this is a sign for those that are part of a couple whose spark has died to cut loose. If you and your partner are both feeling like it’s over but just can’t bring themselves to say it then I’m sorry but it’s time. Do yourself a favour. It’s time to let go and start anew.

As for the color yellow this color is one of the colors that has some actual scientifically backed proof behind it.  It has been proven to make our mood lift.  It is a color which is linked to happiness.  And happiness is the overall vibe for you throughout the entire year.

  One more thing to mention is that this year is a great year to find out what you are really passionate about and pursue it, its a great year for you for learning new things so take that leap in to your new found hobbies or passion and success is sure to prevail.

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