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Lucky Colour’s for Leo

Hey, welcome to colour me lucky where being positive is easy when using your lucky colours in your daily life. Here you can find out exactly what colour’s are lucky for you Leo’s. You can even integrate these lucky colour’s in to your everyday life via your make-up, or fashion, or even by placing a lucky colour on one of your walls in your home.

Your lucky colours and some other info you might want to know!!

Your lucky colours for this year are red, gold and orange. Oh, my dear Leo there are big changes ahead for you this year, especially in your home life, the colour orange can symbolise change and that’s exactly what to expect this year, you are going to shine like the sun orientated sign you are. As for the colour red, well, this colour is known as the giver of life as it can awaken life forces within us with the sexual energy it so often represents, so, Leo, does it surprise you when I tell you that this year your family is predicted to grow?? Could there be a baby on the way for you this year?? The colour gold is a very positive colour, it gives positivity to pretty much everything, it also represents luxury and wealth, if you have some kind of meeting or appointment which is centred around money then I would most definitely wear a little gold for some added luck.

I think its just so awesome that your lucky colours for the year are so closely matched to what is predicted to transpire for you this year. There is so much more you can do with your lucky colours other than just read up on them, if we use them in our everyday lives they really can make a difference, while there is no scientific proof that colour’s are actually lucky there is scientific proof that tells us how colour’s affect our moods, they can make us feel happy, they can even make us feel hungry. If you want to find out more about your lucky colour’s then you can head to the colour me lucky Facebook page and grab your lucky colour’s make-up match PDF, with tons of info on lucky colour’s, make-up application and lots more.  Click the link to be taken to the Facebook page Colour Me Lucky Page or this link for the Colour Me Lucky Group Colour Me Lucky Group

Happy living you lucky Leo’s.

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