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 The PR friendly blogger (that’s me)

Hey there I have been looking at some blogs recently and I have noticed that some blogs, (that were obviously small time at one point) do not do guest posts and also refuse to do product reviews for small companies.  When I ask some of these guys why they do not like to do this type of thing I never seem to get a straight answer.  Most of the time I get a response like “I just don’t like guest posts” or ” I don’t believe in jumping on the back of someone else’s success”.  I on the other hand do not see guest posts like this at all.  I bet that the bloggers that have made it big have all had a little help along the way or if they have not been on the receiving end of the help then I bet that they have given some help, I mean its not a coincidence that some of these guys are all besties right??

I am here to help should you need it!!!

Well I am just wanting to put it out there that I am willing to place guest posts on my blog, as long as it is within the categories which my blog covers, such as beauty, make-up, fashion, new products, bargain buys, or of a course a topic of your choice that falls somewhere within that area.

Will posting on here help??

I am not in anyway a big time blogger, I have only been doing this for over a year and although I have a good following on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and  YouTube, I am struggling to get any followers on this platform.  My posts can get up 85 views within the first few hours, and after being published for a few weeks/months tend to reach the 2500 mark  so I know that my posts are popular but I do not seem to be grasping the following I would like or know I can get.

A bit about me and my blogs/writing jobs

Although I may not have the following, my profile and posts do get hundreds of views per day.  Due to all of these views I  landed myself a couple of PAID writing jobs through my blogs, I have been given products to try then review then I have been paid additional funds afterwards as they really liked my writing style, and because the post was informative and detailed.

My Blogging Milestone! – First PAID job!!!

In fact this week I have received two PAID writing jobs, my very first paid writing jobs I may add so it just goes to show you can still get yourself out there without loads of followers, as long as your posts are being viewed then what you are doing can be described as successful.

Use my blog as a platform

Maybe as I become more familiar with this platform then I will figure it out.  But just like any blogger out there most of this experience is a learning curve and the more experience you have the better you are at it.

So until we all have the experience to make us pro’s at this then feel free to use me and my blog as a way to advertise yourself, business, or product.

Love you guys and I hope I can help you guys hit a blogging milestone!!


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