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Well I though that this would make a good post so here goes.

I take lots and lots of photos in one day, I don’t know but I think if I did not have kids then my photo taking habit would not be so bad, my partner is always complaining that the my mobile is constantly stuck to my hand, and I can tell you that it is not stuck to my hand because I am oh so popular as another thing that comes with being parent is having no or very little social life!!  No it is constantly stuck to my hand as my way of thinking is that of “I have to have it near by as the chance for an amazing picture can come up at any time” (my mind talking) I am also a lover of canvas’s and we all know how cute photos of the kids look on a canvas.

So here are my photos that almost made it to photo of the day.

  1. picture010
  2. FB_20141025_12_27_11_Saved_Picture
  3. So those were my runners up and here is my winner, I love this, Dylan ran in at the last minute, a lovely photo bomb!!      Go on start your own photo of the day !!
  4. 13726582_134960550271464_2055383754726658988_n.

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