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Well for those of you who have taken any interest in my blog will know that I was trying to open an online make-up store, where I wanted to bring on trend popular items of make up to all of you beautiful women out there but at great affordable prices, I wanted a store that had both high-end and budget beauty buys all in one shop and I also wanted to link this blog to it, I wanted to do reviews of the items in my store so my customers knew exactly what they were buying.  I even ran a competition where you could walk away with a mac cosmetics and a Medora matte lipstick just for creating an account.  And I still have not made that first all important sale.  I have opened many accounts to drum up business, raise awareness of my store, I have learned all about google analytics, google ad words, used intagram, twitter and Facebook to boost the store but it seems to all be in vain.!!

At least I gave it a shot, I don’t know what I was doing wrong I spent ages on the computer so much that my partner has starting calling himself an online widow, and my kids no longer think that mummy is around!!! No just kidding, but a lot of my time has been spent trying like mad to get that first sale, I have been at it now for around 3 months. Am I maybe not spending enough time on it.


I have now closed down both of my sites, and, and I am just going to focus on my blog.

I do have a great passion for all things beauty, and I love make-up, I love going to the hairdressers, getting treatments for my hair, and nails. I love all of it. So even though I have closed down my stores I think I will keep this blog


So throughout all of this stressing and trying to figure out where I am going wrong, through all of the self-doubt and feeling afraid of having to admit to people that it didn’t work out when I was so so sure that it would, I have found one positive thing, and that is this little blog.  I didnt realise just how good it feels to get everything out there, off my chest or just to feel like I have had an adult conversation (even though I havent and have probably wrote all of this while watching paw patrol or playing ref to my two beautiful funny but sometimes complete pains in the freaking bum kids) instead of talking to the dog feels great.  So this is not that last of me I am keeping the blog!!!!

The beauty and lifestyle blog

This is your go to place for all thing's trending. Whether it's the newest makeup must have or a celebrities latest fashion faux par, we have all the latest right here. Not only that but, we also have a whole host of exclusive offers, promotional codes and flash sales info from the biggest brands around. We have taken all of the most important things from the web and put them all in one pretty place just for you... thank us later, but, right now, dive in and find out what all the hype is about.


    1. Thats nice of you, thank you, even though my online store was a flop I have found a silver lineing in the fact that I didnt realise just how much I enjoyed the blogging side of things its nice to write about whatever you want i find it theraputic,, I am now just keeping my blog to let other people know of bargains i come across while on the web as I am a mum of two young kids, I live in a rural area and I am unable to drive due to being epileptic so I spend a lot of time online and I come across lots of great deals, offers and bargains in the process, so mixing my passion for beauty and fashion with the bargains I constantly come across on daily basis are a good foundation for a new blog… Thank you. Your blog is amazing xxxxx

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