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I just had to do a post on this online store as I am in love with it and I thought some of you lovely, stylish, beautiful reader’s would like to know about it too.  And no better time to fill you all in than when there is a site wide sale !!!!

The Fashion Bible

If you have never heard of “The Fashion Bible” then let me fill you in.  They are a fun, vibrant store who bring key catwalk looks, to the catwalk of life, your life.  They have celebrity inspired clothing at fabulous price’s, they have over a hundred new arrivals weekly so you can be sure to find something that is totally you.  They are self proclaimed fashion guru’s who are crazy about styling, and there is also a blog with lots of fashion tips too. Click here to go to their homepage, or keep reading for some amazing sale links!!

I have put together some items that I have found in their sale which are total bargains.  There is also a special offer available at the moment.  Where you can get 10% off your first order.

Finds From The Sale!!

Cara Red & White Striped Trouser’s – £11


I love these trouser’s. I have them myself but they were not on sale when I bought them, so they cost me £22.  They are a stretch fit type of trouser and are very comfortable.  They are versatile also, wear to work or pair with heels and a nice lace top for a night out with the girls.  Click here to check them out.

Haiti Pink Floral Bodysuit – Was £28 NOW £14.99


How pretty is this.  I think it is stunning.  You could dress it up with just denim shorts and some pretty flat heeled sandals, or dress it up for cocktails with the girls by teaming it will tight skinny jeans and high stiletto heels.  Click here to grab it while you can.

White Crochet Shift Dress – £35.00 – £25


This is a stunning dress, it’s classy, and perfect for  a first date or even as a wedding guest.  For only £25 its a total steal.  Team with some nude wedges to make your legs look super long, Click here to take a look!

Thandie Pink Bodycon Dress £24.99 – £19.99


Really cute Bodycon dress.  I am a total sucker for the colour, I love it.  This colour totally makes a tan look amazing and the midi length is flattering on most body types. Check it out for yourself here!

Ria Blue Bartdot Floral Midi Dress £22.99 £9.99


This has to be my top pick from the sale.  Not only do I love this dress, it’s breathtaking, the floral print is very pretty and girly which I think any girl would love and the cut is very flattering on almost all body types, the midi cut is a great cut for ladies with bootilicious curves.  But, the way it looks is only one factor that has made this specific piece my top pick, the fact that it’s only £9.99 is a deal breaker!! Have a look for yourself while its still in stock!!

Just Arrived

Here are some top picks from the new arrivals at “The Fashion Bible”.  Then read on to find out what other categories you can find, and what you can find in those categories…
Polka Dot Frill Wrap Midi Skirt £22.00


This new arrival has been raved about by fashion and beauty bloggers all over the internet, and you can see why.  It’s so very pretty and the wrap style means you can dress it up with heels and a crop top or down with flats and a cosy jumper.  And for only £22. Check it out here to see what all the fuss is about

Holographic Tear Drop Earrings £6.00


Cute AF, perfect with any outfit, and eye catching as hell.  And just look at the price…£6.00. Get them here

Okay, I am just going to stop there or else I will be here forever as there is just so much to chose from.  Everything is so on trend right now and all the while still extremely affordable.

You could spend all day on the website scrolling through all of the beautiful clothes and accessories.  But, clothes and accessories is not all the “The Fashion Bible” provides.  There is a “Home And Gifts” section where you can find some quirky items for your home, like these:


This just a small collection of whats available in the home and gift category. Click here to check out everything.

You can also find a category  dedicated to nothing but “Shoes” . From sandals to boots and everything in between, you will find something for you amongst the array of different colours and styles available.  You can expect to find items such as the ones pictured below.


Click here to check out the full collection of shoes here

There is also the “Holiday Shop” where you can find anything and everything to make sure you and your girlfriends are all Instagram ready for that big holiday.  Check out the pics below for examples of what you can find:


Click here to check out the Holiday Shop for yourself, you will not be disappointed!

And last but not least there is the accessories category.  Of course there is the clothing category but I have already shown you what you can bag yourself there, so here are some pics to get you excited about what you can find via the “Accessories”  category.



As you can see in the pic above there is even a selection of makeup to pick from within the accessories category.  To check out the makeup, earrings and everything else, click here

So, there you have it.  That’s all there is to know about my new favourite online store.  I like it because it has that same feel as the other online stores I find myself visiting more frequently than any other, the aesthetic and style of clothing reminds me of Bohoo, Pretty Little Thing and Nasty Gal, but, and I can’t believe I am saying this, it’s slightly cheaper!!!   Saaaaay Whaaaaaat Gurllllll!!!!!   Yep, I said it, the prices are very competitive.

To check it all out and take full advantage of their just launched brand new promotion “25% Off Site Wide Sale” CLICK HERE NOW!!


Live, Love, Slay!!

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  1. Every outfit here is my taste!I love everything here! I love the red and white striped trouser, the white shift dress and the white-shell necklace the most!

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