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Welcome to our 5 part series where we introduce the cream of the crop of Makeup artists/enthusiasts that are totally killing it over on Twitter right now!!

Welcome to the third installment of this totally fabulous five part series where we dish the dirt on the newest, most talented bunch of makeup artists and enthusiasts that are blowing up right now. Today we give to you Tara Brown. Tara is very much part of the makeup community over on Twitter, she has a loyal following and the reason she has such devoted fans is because she exudes what it is to really lift another.  Read on to see just how fab our Tara is….

Tara Brown @TaraBrownBeauty

Meet Tara Brown.  Tara is one of the most empowering people I know.  I first stumbled across her creative talent when searching for some natural makeup inspo.  I had one scroll through Tara’s feed @TaraBrownBeauty and I was hooked, I have been an avid follower ever since.  Now lets get down to the nitty gritty and find out more about Tara.

All About Tara......

Let us introduce the extremely talented Tara Brown. 

Originally from Philadelphia but now living in New Jersey, Tara is a 36 year old mother to beautiful twin daughters and a son who is in school.  The fact that she is a stay at home mom of three young kids and still looks this good is some what impressive in itself. 

But, her talents do not stop there, oh no, in fact we have hardly even scratched the surface of this beauty’s credentials. 

She is a content creator who has her own YouTube channel, she has a following on Twitter full of die hard loyal fans, and she has been specially hand picked by some companies to be an ambassador for their brand as well as being affiliated with a whole host of other brands.

I first came to know who Tara was while looking through Twitter.  I felt like I had common ground, me being the same age and mother to two young kids.  I could really relate to her.  I think that’s why she has such a following of devoted fans.  Because she is someone who you can relate to, she also has such a positive vibe, which  influences her Social Media feeds. She really makes you feel truly inspired.

Now we have our intro out of the way, lets get down to the nitty gritty and see what Tara had to say at our Q and A.

Q & A With Tara...

We were lucky enough to find some time with Tara so we asked her a few questions, here is what she had to say….

Q1. How/when did you realize you had not just a passion but a real talent with makeup?


A1. I feel like I need to add a back story before answering this question.  I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids.  After I gave birth to my twins in September 2018, I was overjoyed, but postpartum depression hit me, and it hit me hard.  I turned to makeup as a creative outlet because I had very little time to myself and I wanted to use my “mommy time” to make myself feel better and hopefully inspire others.  In July 2019 I started my YouTube Channel and my online presence. 

Getting back to your question, once I started putting myself out there online and getting responses from others that I helped them with their own makeup, that is when I realized that I must have some sort of actual talent, to go along with my passion for makeup.


*NOTE* OMG Tara girrl, you are such an inspiration, as the writer of this article, a mother, and also someone who suffers from Post natal (that’s what we call it here in the UK) depression, I could high five you right now for speaking out on such a taboo subject. Tara Brown, we here at The Beauty and Lifestyle Blog salute you!!!


Q2. What are you’re top 3 must have products right now??


A2. My top 3 products that I absolutely love are: 

 1.  Jeffree Star –  Jawbreaker palette,  it is such a versatile palette, you can do a bright, bold, extremely colourful look, or keep it completely natural and neutral.  Also the pigmentation is amazing and I never have fall out.
2.  Nanacoco HD –  Perfection Foundation.  I can not say enough good things about their foundation!  It is vegan and cruelty free which is very important to me, and also full coverage while looking natural at the same time. It is also quite moisturizing at the same time!! It is also waterproof!!!
3.  Nanacoco Makeup –  Remover Wipes.  I know what you are thinking, makeup remover wipes, really?  Yes, absolutely.  I can take off a full face of over the top dramatic layers and layers of makeup with just one wipe!  On top of that my skin does not burn after and actually feels moisturized! Yes, my skin 100% feels moisturized with these wipes, and they brighten your skin too.  To top it all off they are formulated with rose, green tea, lotus and peach flower and they smell absolutely amazing!!
Q3. What tip or trick that you have learned throughout your makeup journey was a game changer for you?
A3. Okay, I have extremely hooded eyes, which makes it very difficult to do flawless eye looks and winged liner.  I have come across a “cut crease trick” that gives those with hooded eyes the illusion of having more lid space and less of a hood!    So when you are doing your cut crease, you place concealer on your lid, and then look up, which causes your lid to fold up and puts the concealer above your natural crease giving a guideline of where to draw your cut crease, thus creating the illusion of more lid space!
Q4.  What cosmetics brand do you use most often?
A4.  I would have to go with Nanacoco for this answer!  I have never been so impressed by every single product that I have tried from a company before. Their foundation is amazing, their concealer literally melts into your skin, their setting spray, which just launched is amazing, I could literally sit here all day and tell you how great each product is!
*NOTE* We will have info on where you can check this brand out for yourself, or check out Tara’s socials for promo codes, all of Tara’s socials will be available below.
Q5. Are there any trends, looks, brands or products that you think or know will be big in 2022?
A5. For 2022 I feel like blush is going to make a come back, and be used in a more bold way, and along the same lines as that I feel like bright bold eye looks are going to be bold in 2022!
*Closing Personal Message*
I want those who see my makeup to be inspired to put themselves out there and reach their goals, whatever that may be . To not be afraid to try. I never thought at 36 I would be starting a YouTube channel and putting my looks out there on the internet. I want others to know its never too late to start!!!

That concludes our interview so now we move on to sharing some of Tara’s socials with you guys.  You do not want to miss out on what Tara has to share.

I really feel that she is so very down to earth, relatable and her message is one of courage, and determination.  Join us in becoming part of Tara’s devoted fleet of followers. Below you will find links to each of her social media platforms including her YouTube channel which will have you totally hooked from the get go!!


For even more goodies from Tara such as discount and promotional codes click the button below to check out her Link account, you will also find her media kit which gives a special insight into who she is as an influencer and who she has worked with.

As previously mention in our intro this is indeed our third installment of our five part series.  So if you are a little late to the game and are yet to read our first two instalments then fear not my beautiful friend, here are links to our talented genius’s right here.

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