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Welcome to our series where we give you to complete low down on the Makeup Artists/Enthusiasts that are blowing up Twitter right now!!

Today we introduce the second installment of our 5 part series. Find out all about Taylor Blackwell and her cult like following via Twitter. She has a creative flair most can only wish for, not only is she beautiful on the outside but she has a following of loyal fans because of the beauty and kindness she shows to the rest of the MUA Twitter community.  Read on for all the goss surrounding this brand new talent.

Taylor Blackwell @BlackstarrMU

Today we introduce Taylor Blackwell, also known as @BlackstarrMU. I have been a fan of Taylor’s for a while, I first came across her Twitter profile when I was looking for some Halloween inspo.  Once I stumbled upon her talent I was instantly hooked and I now follow her Insta too.  We will give links to her socials a little later in this article but for now lets get down to the nitty gritty and commence our Q and A with Taylor.

All About Taylor....

Taylor is a 27 year old veterinarians assistant. Originally from Iowa but now resides in beautiful  California with the love of her life, her wife Aurora. 

The reason I enjoy not only Taylor’s work but her socials so much is because of the very positive message she sends.  She wants everyone to be able to be creative as she feels it’s an outlet that can help when people fall on difficult times.  

Makeup truly is her chosen creative outlet, it is her art form and the face is her canvas.  The work she creates is absaloutley astounding, her skills are there for all to see, the intricate detail that’s goes in to each of her creations is a talent most of us only wish to posess.

Now that I have told you all the reasons the beauty and lifestyle blog loves Taylor lets get down to a quick Q and A with her, it will give you a chance to fall head over heels for her just as we and her countless adoring followers have.

Q & A With Taylor.....

We managed to grab Taylor for a quick interview.  Read on to find out what she had to say.

Q1 How/when did you realize you had not just a passion but a real talent with makeup?

A1 My passion for makeup began in June of 2019. I started to practice my makeup application on myself more and more every day and realized I had a talent for it just recently in December 2019. 

Q2 What are your 3 top products?

A2 My three most favorite products at the moment are Blend Bunny Cosmetics Blends Palette the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Volume 2 Pro Pigment Palette, and Hank and Henry Crème Blush Sticks. To be completely honest I think I would put number three joint second with the ABH Palette,  it’s just way to difficult for me to chose.

Q3 What tip or trick that you have learned throughout your makeup journey was a game changer for you?

A3 Transitioning from just an eyebrow pencil to Dipbrow pomade and other products have really changed up my brow game! 

Q4 Which cosmetics brand do you use most often?

A4 My most used makeup brand would have to be Anastasia Beverly Hills, with  Hank and Henry Beauty as a very close second, or again, if I can bend the rules, I would make Hank and Henry beauty as joint first. 

Q5 Are there any trends, looks, brands or products that you think or know will be big in 2021/22?

A5 I feel as though multiple cut creases, extreme blending, and more blush/colorful blush will become a new trend in 2020. As for a brand that will grow even more and be on trend will be Anastasia Beverly Hills, as Norvina is creating a lot more 

Closing Personal Message: I want people to take away the idea that they can do anything they want when it comes to makeup . I want them to see they can express themselves in any way they choose! I wish to portray art, creativity, fun and skill. I want people to be able to see my growth and know that with persistence and practice they can do anything they set their mind to.

That concludes our second part of this fabulous five part series.  

Taylor conveys such a friendly vibe and I think that is why so many of her followers can relate to her.  She has showed her progress and she gives proof to others who feel self doubt that with practice and hard work you can achieve your dreams.  We have listed her socials below, simply click the icon to check out Taylor’s social media pages.  

I have personally watched Taylors journey, I have been following her for quite a while.  I have witnessed how hard she works, how much she has practiced and honed her skills to total perfection.  Through this constant evolution she has caught the attention of a few brands.  I have included some links to companies she is affiliated with as well as codes affiliated with her.  Not only can you bag yourself a discount with the codes but you will be able to get you’re hands on the exact same products Taylor has used in her beautifully, creative, looks.

Here are links to the websites and the codes you will need to grab yourself an amazing discount as well as the actual products used by Taylor. 

First up we have Blend Bunny Cosmetics, you can grab yourself a 10% discount with the code BLACKSTARRMU, click the link to check them out Blend Bunny Cosmetics

Taylor uses two different brands for her press on nails both of whom will give you a pretty discount if you use Taylors discount code, use code BLACKSTARR15 for a 15% discount at  Dead Girl Claws 

Or use BLACKSTARRMU for a 25% discount at Press ‘n’ Claw Nails

You can also use her code BLACKSTARRMU for a 15% discount on The Original Makeup Eraser just click here.

And last but not least use code BLACKSTARRMU10OFF at Estate Cosmetics for 10% off.

There you have it, not only can you use the actual products used by Taylor but you can also bag yourself a pretty little discount at the same time.

For anyone who has missed the first of our talented line up then click here to find out more on Tiffany Doyle.  The art she creates is just….well… astounding, but you have to see it for yourself to really get an idea of what I ‘am talking about.


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