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 It’s All About The Journey
Trying to turn that life time passion in to a full time job

For as long as I could remember I have been a makeup fanatic, I used to sit in front of the mirror perfecting look after look, every day my makeup was completely flawless.  That was when I was younger, well before I had children but I still take the time to do my makeup every morning even though it is not as flawless as it used to be.  Time is not on my side anymore with two young children running around the house and I still have not perfected the morning routine in order to have the time that I so much wish I had to make my makeup beautiful.

I love the way I feel when my makeup is on, I feel ready to face the day.  I want to pass that feeling on to other women, or men.

QC Makeup Academy

I have taken the plunge and enrolled in QC Makeup Academy, I have already written a post on the school for you to read and leave your opinions on if you have maybe already taken the course, you can find it HERE

The most attractive thing about this course was the flexible payment options, but the actual learning schedule and the way they teach are actually really good too.

Other Lines Of Achieving My Goal

Not only have I enrolled in a makeup academy, I have contacted a couple of local Makeup Artists and offered my services for the day as an assistant free of charge of course in order to gain a more hands-on type of experience.
I have researched the business side of things until I felt as though my brain was going to melt out my ears, I have read book after book on makeup application, Types of brushes, How to go about your makeup artistry business and also books on the media marketing of a makeup artist.
I have written my business plan, as well as a 5 year and 10-year plan which I will not go into at this point as this post would end up huge.

Any Suggestions for an MUA just starting out?

There are loads of books from professional MUA ‘s letting us amateurs into some tricks of the trade and well-kept secrets but any other suggestions are more than welcome.
Are you a pro that feels I am missing or lacking something.  Of course, I know that it takes hard work and determination to become a well-recognised makeup professional, I know it takes more than a few youtube tutorials, I am in no disillusioned.  Any help is more than welcome

Thanks for reading my post.

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