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Looking for unique, quirky items? Vida, has you covered.

Have you heard of Vida?? No?/ Well, let me fill you in. Vida is an awesome store, you can find fashion, home and accessory items but with a twist. All of the items have been created by artists, and by artist I mean artists and creative’s from many different walks of life, from sketchers, animators, textile designers and lots more.

For the creative creator’s out there, share your creations with Vida and earn!!

Although this is a great store to purchase unique and quirky items from its also an amazing outlet if you are a designer, you can upload anything, from a sketch to a logo and Vida will put your creation on a product. You are page which will be full of products with your design that you can share via social media. You will earn commission on any and every item that is sold. You are given credit for you work, your art will always belong to you not to the company, and a successful artist can earn upwards of £2500 on Vida. This is an amazing marketplace to showcase your talent, click the link to be taken to their design page where there are questions and answers as well as all the information you need on how you can take advantage of this amazing little niche Be a Vida designer click here to learn more.

They type of items you can find on Vida

Here you can find examples of the type of items and designs available via Vida.

The morning Hughes sleeveless top – $75

Sleeveless Top – THE MORNING HUGHES IV by …
This top, cut with a flattering A-line and a rounded asymmetric hem, will make you look… [More]

Price: $90.00

Sun Fire Clutch – $75

Crafted from genuine leather and printed canvas, the VIDA Statement Clutch is a versati…[More]

Price: $75.00

Here is a gallery of some other items available in the Vida store. To check them out for yourself or to set up an account to become a designer then click the link. Also save 15% on your order with the coupon code PJ15 click here.

You can find the most beautiful glass items, all with different designs by a plethora of different designers. Below you can see just one example of the kind of wall art, modern and chic, with so many designs to chose from I am sure you will find one that fits in with your design at home. Unique, chic and quirky, all types of designs available, if you are looking for a one of a kind piece, whether that’s in jewellery or fashion you are sure to find what you are looking for here. Click here to check out all wall art.

More amazing wall art, the modern styles available create a clean minimalistic look. But, if you are more of a traditionalist then fear not as you can find designs that are more of a vintage style. From lovely necklace’s to expressive tee’s. This is a store for those who do not want to have the same as everyone else. This is a store for someone who wants to lead the way in fashion or home design, for someone who is well aware of their style and is not afraid to show their creative side, if not through the designs they create but through the designs they wear or choose to present in their home. Vida is made for those type of people, for people like YOU……
Click hereto check out the available designs categories.

Looking for a gift for a loved one or friend?? This is an amazing store to find that perfect, one of a kind gift. The most popular products on the web right now are items that have cats on them. From cat jewellery to cat wall art and more. This is just an example of the type of gift that can be found in the shop at Vida. But, do not worry if you have a loved one that’s a little bit crazy about some other animal, or even some other part of the world, or maybe not of this world at all and are more obsessed with our galaxy, you will find what you re looking for right here.
Click here to find the perfect gift for friends and family.

Candles……. Who doesn’t love a candle?? They create such a beautiful warm atmosphere. Find the most on trend candles available on the web right now. Get your hands on a unique piece that you know will be the talking point of any conversation. Visitors will soon be asking where you purchased such a stunning piece, but whether you decide to divulge such sensitive information is totally your prerogative. With scents that will transport you from your busy everyday life to your quite place, you will be the envy of any candle fanatic.
Click here to check out the candles and available designs.

Another place you can put your quirky unique stamp on a home, soft furnishings, and Vida has many soft furnishing all with thousands of designs to chose from. From modern minimalistic prints, or maybe you like the geometric prints that’s very popular at the moment, or maybe your more of a homely spirit who seeks warmth and cosy furnishings. What ever it is your looking for you will find it all here.

So, Vida is a special place, where design meets style, where creative’s can express themselves, an amazing platform to get themselves seen and get their talents recognised. A one of a kind place where you can find one of a kind items. It’s well worth checking out, click the link to see what you can get your hands on. Shop the Vida Store.

Love, Live, Slay!!!!

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