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A bit about BlogLovin 

Good morning everyone. I hope that you are all well.  To all my fellow bloggers out there, I am now on Bloglovin.  Bloglovin is the place I go to for any new blogs, I follow many of you well known bloggers, and also some not so well know.  Bloglovin is a great place to find a blogs or posts on absolutely anything, any topic, any specific how to post, anything, its a really good tool to take advantage of, so that is what I have done.

Is it easy to use!!??

I wasn’t to familiar with how to use Bloglovin but the instructions that they give you on how to claim your blog so that it can then be found by fellow bloggers is pretty straight forward.  I have only been part of the Bloglovin family since yesterday but it was the first thing I checked this morning.

Show me some love!!

If you are not familiar with bloglovin then click the link below, and if you are familiar with bloglovin then show a small blogger some love and click the link below to give me a like or a follow, or have a look and see what me, and my blog are all about.

Follow me on bloglovin – I really would appreciate it!

What to expect from my blog

 I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by some of the amazing offers and deals I have on my blog.  Being a mother of two young kids, who lives in a very rural area, and who doesn’t drive due to health issiues (I suffer from epilepsy and have regular seizures so obtaining a licence would be difficult, and with two young kids probably very stupid) leaves me with a lot of time to spare so I use those free few minutes online, I come across lots of great deals when I am regularly searching for my passions (make up and fashion). So I have created a blog where I can share with people, mums, girls just like me, the bargains I find.  From Flash sales to Buy One Get One Free Offers you will find it all as well as Make Up Of The Day posts, some stuff about my very mad but loving little family, and reviews on the latest trends.  I am also now doing tutorials as well which I am getting a good response from, I hope you enjoy them, and my blog. And I have dedicated posts on big brand current deals and offers.

Here’s the link so show me a little love and have a little look, go on!!!

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Hope to see you on BlogLovin soon

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